Are fat and weight the same?

They are different yet we are so obsessed with that scale number.  It consumes us, it decides what mood we are in that day.  It becomes an obsession.


I urge you to conduct an experience.  Weigh yourself every day for 2-4 weeks, write down that weight and see the fluctuations.  See if any of the reason below could be the reason.  See mine on the next slide.  It might help you get over your obsession and realise that it actually isn’t that important.  If you are trying to lose fat then maybe doing a monthly weigh in will be better for your mental health and if you are being constant with your plan you will see more results. 


Reasons to see the scales go up and down temporality 

You ate more fibre the day before
You ate more carbs the day before
You lifting heavy the day before
You ate a higher volume of food the day before
You didn’t poop yet
You had a crap night sleep
You are due on your period
You are hydrated
You drank alcohol the day before so you are dehydrated

You weighed yourself at a different time of day
You weighed yourself on different scales or not on a flat surface


We lose sight of what we are trying achieve and that is to lose fat not weight.  Ever seen those picture when someone totally transforms there body and they still weigh the same.  That’s because they gained muscle and lost the fat, that’s that “toned” look we are all going for.


Please HEAR THIS! Exercising does not put weight on you! You may get a temporary inflammation response if you are new to it.  Eating in a calorie surplus will be making you gain fat, stop blaming exercise and using it as an excuse not to do it. 


You will see my fluctuations, each one has an explanation from the list above.

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