Do you have a food routine?

If you don’t then you should think seriously about getting one.

Its individual to you. It’s not the same as your best friends, or Cheryl in the office who lost 10 stone intermittent fasting. You can’t copy anyone else.

I push it will all my client.

What is a food routine? It’s just a schedule. Times when you eat. It doesn’t have to be exact and can be ballpark.

Why? You know where you stand. It becomes habit and comfortable. It can help avoid you skipping meals then overeating. It’s clear.

This is mine.

6am – Coffee
9.30am – Breakfast
1-2pm – Lunch
4pm ish – snack or hot drink
6pm – Dinner

This works for me; my lifestyle and I like it. It won’t work for someone who like breakfast as soon as they get up, or a shift worker, or if you eat dinner late.

Experience working a Nutritionist so far has shown that those who have routine and structure are much more likely to be successful with their weight loss goal.

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