Stop lying!

Mostly to ourselves.

I’ve been so good on my diet, but I just can’t lose weight. (Have you though)?

I don’t even drink that much alcohol. (Really)???

I didn’t have time to do my steps or workout. (Or did you not make time)?

Work was too busy; I couldn’t move away from my desk. (again, a choice you made)

It’s too much effort to make healthy food! (Is it though or are you over complicating it)?

Sound familiar?

Here’s my tough love that I often give to myself. Get your shit together, take responsibility for your decisions and adult yourself!

Most of all, stop lying to yourself.

I love it when my clients say things like
I didn’t hit my step goal because I literally couldn’t be arsed.

COVID is making me drink more coz I’m bored.

I’ve been very inconsistent on my diet because I had 2 birthday parties this week and ate loads of cake.

Now this I can help with. If you are lying to yourself or even your Nutritionist, then you cannot help yourself and the Nutritionist you are paying cannot help you either.

Honesty is best, you can work with that šŸ™‚

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