4 week challenge.

Lockdown home run challenge!

I know I have a mix of different countries on this blog but here in Sydney we have been in lockdown for 9 weeks and there is little like at the end of the tunnel.

Groundhog day has set in and most people are losing the will.

Wouldn’t it be great so come out of the next weeks feeling better?

I have put a small challenge together. You don’t have to be in lockdown to take part.

This is not a diet.

It’s about making small healthy changes/choices.  If those choices help you lose weight, then great 🙂

The point of this is to do the task each day, you can take that task into the next day if you enjoyed it or felt better from it.  Some days may be a challenge for you, some days you may already tick that box.  If you do find a day where you are already doing it do the day before’s task again.

I AM doing it mainly through my Instagram but if you would like to take part pop me an email to join the mail list and you will receive the calendar tomorrow.

My email is emma@wholehealthwithemma.com.au
Also follow my IG – https://www.instagram.com/wholehealthwithemma/

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