Is fat loss really your goal or society’s goal for you?

Think about it.

Are you actually a really healthy weight but some influencer is rocking some abs and you think that’s how you should look?

Are you always on the diet hamster wheel, chasing to lose that last 3kg because you think it’s your happy weight?  Once you get there it will bring you all the happiness. 

If you actually really think about it, do you want to lose that weight so people can approve of your body?  So your body is more socially acceptable?

I’m not going to lie, I have, I do, and I didn’t realise it until I stopped and thought about it.  I have been thinking about my WHY!  

My thoughts lately
Why do I want to lose that last 2kg?  
f I lose that 2kg it will make me happy. 
I felt great the last time I was X weight.
No, you won’t Emma you dick it’s just a number on the scales, I probably won’t look any different.  I feel great now.
No-one else will even notice!
I can’t be a PT or Nutritionist and not be in shape, can I?
I need to be in shape, so people take me seriously. 

All nonsense, but still, this is my nonsense in my head.   I have been struggling to lose that 2kg because my WHY actually isn’t important to me anymore.  My goals have changed, and I didn’t adjust my nutrition to align with my now goals.

Have you been forever dieting and struggling to lose that weight, so much that you just diet on and off on autopilot?

Your WHY possibly could have changed and that WHY no longer motivate you.   Have a think.

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