Day 2 – caffeine

Let’s make 1 thing clear. Coffee is the best.
I see people quit drinking coffee all the time and it makes me sad that they are suckking that little joy from there lives. Caffeine is not bad for us. In fact, there are studies to say it’s good for us for various reasons.

I have to say the word that no-one like. – MODERATION!

Get up and enjoy your morning coffee and even a 2nd. However, no caffeine after 12pm.

This includes energy drinks, tea (not herbal) but even green tea has caffeine and sodas.
Here are my reasons

  • Caffeine stays in your system for 12 hours and has a half-life of 6 hours – ever had a 4-5pmcoffee then struggled to sleep?
  • Too much can cause anxiety – after coffee jitters anyone.
  • It can actually make you feel more tired – if you are having it to get through the afternoon slump, I promise you its only helping very short term.

Have a big glass of water instead as chances are you are dehydrated and that’s why you feel tired. Or make a fruity tea.

This is an easy one today!

Tag me in you alternate choice of drink this afternoon🙂

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