Are you Healthy?


It’s not just about Nutrition and exercise.
The message about health gets so lost in a sea of misinformation, it really makes me sad πŸ™
Here is a little reminder that health is about so much more than what we eat and what our step count is.
Social – This is your lifestyle, your social life, being part of a community, sense of purpose would come under these facets
Physical – activity and movement, health goal, nutrition
Emotional – spiritual health, your thoughts, feelings and behaviors
Economical – what resources you have, for example your financial situation
Intellectual – Your education
Psychological – your mental health
This is what the healthiest people in the world are doing

  • High physical activity
  • Sense of community and purpose – friends/family
  • Good sleep
  • Low stress and good mental health
  • Balance approach to nutrition
  • Very little alcohol or moderate
  • Good amount of sun exposure – vitamin D – I notice they are all coastal locations

If you can’t focus on your nutrition or activity, look at the other facets that are contributing to your health and give them some focus. Also visa versa, if you nutrition and activity is affecting any of the other facets of health then it might be time to think about that too.
Remember health is not just sticking to a calorie goal!

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