Limiting beliefs


These are what hold us back form doing things. They are thoughts that we belief to be absolutely true.

I cant lose weight because of my genetics

I could never run 5km

I could never do what you do

I can’t start dating until I’ve lost all of my weight

I’m too fat for anyone to love me

They are not helpful. They stop us from believing in yourself, they ruin relationships and they stop you from getting your dream job.

We all do it in some form each day.

Here is how to challenge those thoughts.

Question it – what if you are wrong? Think about the opposite scenario. Could never run 5km, but what is you could?

Is this belief serving you??  We like to be the victim in our belief.  For example – I’m too old to start a new career?  Really?  Are you? Or is it your way of protecting yourself so you don’t fail?  It’s usually fear.

I urge you to questions all that is holding you back today!!

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