You’ve probably heard this before. At least one of your friends will have said they start eating more and the weight fell off.
Why does this happen?

  1. If you are eating at the higher end of your deficit, you will likely stick to your diet therefore long-term adherence is better, consistency is key.
  2. You will move more – you will be fueling yourself better and naturally moving more even if you didn’t even try. Therefore, burning more energy.

FACT – Very low calories diets do not work long term.

If your coach sets you 1800 calories, eat them. Don’t eat 1200 because you feel 1800 is too much, it’s not, it’s right for you. (if your coach does set you 1200 though then run) Trust the process!!

Fast weight loss is not a good thing in most cases.  Slow and steady wins the race.

If you make it hell for yourself, you are going to hate being on a diet and its doesn’t have to be like that.

Other reasons why you should be eating all your calories.

  • So you are fueling your body for your energy needs
  • You are recovering from your training
  • So you don’t feel overly tired
  • So you are not starving hungry – low calories leads to binging episodes bringing you out of your calorie deficit
  • Very low calories can mean that you will be losing your muscle, we need to hold onto that

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