Iron blocker!


As a woman our iron can get low from time to time.

I wanted to share a little tip for breakfast time to make sure you are getting as much Iron absorption from your breakfast as you can.

Avoid drinking your morning tea or coffee 1 hour either side of eating your breakfast.

In fact, if you are already low in iron avoid tea, coffee and wine around all of your meals.
They all contain tannins which are a group of compounds found in tea, coffee, wine and chocolate 🙁 Yes all of our favorite things!

Tannins are not bad, in fact they have lots of health benefits but in the case of Iron absorption I’m afraid they are a bit of a blocker.
I pick breakfast as a lot of us have breakfast and coffee together.

If you do have an iron deficiency, making this change could really make a difference to you.
If you think you have one and some of the symptoms relate to you, a quick blood test at the GP will tell you, go today!

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