I am a recovering perfectionist!

That is me!

All or nothing?

A fixed mindset

Not starting something until everything is perfectly in place

Constant fear of failure



Overly self-critical

Some examples are.

I will start eating healthier when I have been and bought a whole weeks of food

I’ve eaten some crisps so I may as well not eat healthy for the rest of the week

I didn’t work out today so I may as well start next week

Not presenting a piece of work until is perfect

Putting things off constantly until tomorrow

Whilst I am not all of those things, I can say I have been the majority.

Let’s take defensiveness – I still struggle with this and have to have a word with myself on the regular

All or nothing – with food yes, that Sunday nightfeeling when you eat the whole house because you are starting your diet tomorrow.

A fixed mindset – there is only one way. We forget to keep an open mind and be open to a different way of doing things.

I am recovering and I can’t actually believe how far I have come.

Here is what I have been trying over the years (it’s not overnight)

  1. Being kinder to myself and allowing mistakes – seeing them as a learning tool rather than a negative
  1. Trying not to procrastinate – and if I do, questioning if the task I keep putting off is even something I need to do
  2. Calling myself out on it
  3. Learning to take criticism and knowing that it mostly comes from a good place rather than an attack
  4. Checking in with my goals – are they still realistic and relevant
  5. Getting rid of life’s negatives – people, social media accounts, tv programmes, music.  If it doesn’t make you feel good, it’s not benefitting you.

Are you also a perfectionist or a recovering one? Tips welcome!!

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