A little about me.

I have gained lots of new followers since I last did a about me post so this is for those who wonder more about the person behind the account.

I’ll start with the basic stuff.

My name is Emma

Married for 9 years and have a 10 year old daughter

I am happy with 1 child (this confuses many people)

I am Northern English, lived in Sydney for 5 years and I feel very at home in Australia

I have a Tamaruke called Bobby, he’s 1

I am obsessed with lipbalm and panic if don’t have a carmex with me

My favourite movie is Pearl Harbour

I used to think that being healthy was about eating the perfect diet but now I know it’s about balance of so many different things

I am a qualified Nutritionist and currently doing my level PT but I’ve working in recruitment for 15 years

I am currently obsessed with mince pies

I am a recovering perfectionist and Sunday night binge eater

My drink is prosecco or champers but I also love a white wine

I have quite a short attention span, I bore easy

I think I have moved over 30 times in my life (links with me getting bored easy)

I don’t own property yet and I’m 40, however I don’t have any debt at all

I didn’t start weight training properly until I was 37 year old

I am annoyingly active all the time

I learnt to ride and bought my first moped this year

I’m not a fan of the ocean as I hate to feel cold, when I see snow it makes me shiver

I am always 10 minutes late, even when I really try not be

I can be a bit selfish sometimes but I don’t think that’s a bad thing

I’m really toying with the idea of becoming a pescatarian 


Can anyone relate?

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