Our body shape will usually change with our lives!

We go through so many ups and downs in everyday life yet we expect our body to stay exactly same.


I’m talking everything from going through a period of stress and gaining a few kilos to having a baby and your body shape changing completely.


There are a very small % of people who stay in shape all year round, some of them are genetically like that and for some it’s their job such as fitness models/bikini competitors.   


It’s not real life, yet we look up to them as the goal but we need to get realistic.


We need to face reality – our bodies are going to change.  Stop striving for the body you had 20 years ago before the 3 kids. Strive for the best version of yourself that is now.  


Make a decision on what your priorities are, what kind of life do you want to lead.

For example – is being ripped really the goal? Or was that you goal when you were 20 and you just kept rolling with it.  Will having a 6 pack make you happier?  If yes, then cool keep going.

Another option would be

To live a bit more of a balanced life, drinks with friends, brunches with family but still make good health choices, be active but you might just carry a couple of extra kilos.


There are other options of course but once you decide, you can let go of what you thought you wanted and its quite freeing.

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