The F#%^ it bucket!

I have talked about the fuck it bucket a lot in the past, mainly because I lived in it most of my adult life so believe me when I say, I get it. Clean eating all week, weekend spent in the bucket then not understanding why I am gaining weight, or feeling crappy.

You will find that most Nutritionists or Dieticians have been through some kind of struggle with their relationship with food. Its why we got so interested in it. Mine was the binge restrict cycle.

I am here today to encourage you to not to fall into the bucket today for the next 2 weeks.

Let’s just clarify what the FIB (fuck it bucket) is.

It’s NOT just eating one or two items that is not in your usually day. This is actually what we want. Er balance!

Its when all your food and drink intake is based on no nutritious foods. When you literally overhaul your diet with the fuck it intention!


Usual day would be fruit and yoghurt for breakfast, Chicken salad for lunch, spag bol for dinner, 2 litres of water, 10,000 steps and maybe a workout

FIB day – Bacon and Egg roll at the café, macca’s for lunch, pizza for dinner plus half a box of celebrations and a mince pie, 2,000 steps and 3 glasses of wine.

Whilst this is ok in isolation (such as a day here and a day there) doing this for every day for 2 weeks is not going to end well.

Aside for some body fat gain from a very probable energy surplus you will all see the following

  • No energy
  • Literally feeling like crap overall
  • Shit sleeps
  • Dull skin
  • Moody
  • Not motivation to do anything
  • Lower immune system (and guys we need to to be at its best right now)

Here is what I suggest on the lead up to the big day. Swap out one of the meals or snacks each day for a more lower nutritious option. I will be swapping out my snacks for a mince pie 😊 I will keep my meals the same unless I am eating out. Choose your indulgences. If its not a hell yes then don’t do it. If it’s a hell yes then go for it. Keep your activity levels to what your normal is. Christmas day will feel so much more special if you go into it feeling good.


#fuckitbucket #balance #nutrition #bingerestrict

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