Who is with me?

I am!

Alcohol is the devil for me, or should I say binge drinking is the devil for me. It’s been my mission for the last couple of years to try to become one of those drinking in moderation people. You know, the ones who can say no and drive most of the time. I’ve quit for 6 months, then spent a length of time trying to stick to 1 bottle of wine per week but never in 1 session. Then I did great through the first lockdown and didn’t drink much. Then towards the end of this year when we came out of lockdown, I went full throttle again and I was back to where I was a couple of years ago.

NOTE – a binge drinking session is classed as over 3 standards drinks in one sitting.

I give myself a hard time about it, most don’t understand why I do but here is why.


Even if I have had the best night, if I feel bad the next day, I just don’t think it’s worth it.
Not anymore anyway. Once upon a time I was happy to lie in bed all day with a hangover, eat MacDonalds but it doesn’t fit into my life anymore.

I am not just doing dry Jan; I am going to stop for 3 months. I have a lot on at the beginning of the year and I want/need the energy and to get through it but also the mental capacity to actually enjoy it.

Other reasons alcohol is not serving me
Shit dull skin
Crappy sleeps
Grumpy and irritated mood
Un-productive Energy drop – effective work outs and other activityWeight/fat gain

Benefits of not drinking
The opposite of all the above
No hangovers
Save moneyStronger immune system (good time for it)
Hope to see some strength gains in the gym
No beer fear and anxiety

Who is doing dry Jan?? Who is sick of all the crap that comes with drinking? Who questions why they drink? Who wonders if they are an alcoholic?

Join me!!

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