Are you including your calories from the alcohol you drink?

I am on trying to lose a bit of body fat.

I only have a little to lose, should take me the month of January and not drinking alcohol is going to give me a huge helping hand.

You can totally lose weight and drink alcohol, IF you can moderate. Most of us can’t though. It’s easier just to remove it completely until the goal is reached, then start to re-introduce.

Note – moderation looks different for everyone but if we follow the Australian alcohol guidelines it’s no more than 10 standard drinks over the week and no more than 3-4 in one session.

If you are a weekend binge drinker then this will 99% be ruining your progress.

Alcohol has calories, and lots of them.

Let’s take a binge drinking session.

A bottle of prosecco shared with your mate – 350 calories

2 express martini’s – 500 calories

2 shots of tequila – 200 calories

2 Vodka and coke – 300 calories
Total – 1350 calories

Or more simply

2bottles of prosecco – 1500 calories

Then comes the food choices you make at the end of the night, pizza, kebab. Not terrible in isolation but chances are this is on top of the dinner you already ate. – let’s say 1000 calories

Let’s say 2500 calories in 1 session.

Now if you stuck to your calorie deficit all week but you had this 1 binge drink chances are you will stay the same but you won’t lose weight or gain weight.

Do this and you are eating maintenance calories then you will see weight gain over time.

Binge more than once a week you will 100% see weight gain over time.

Binge drinking is your worst enemy if you are trying to lose weight/fat.

If fat loss is your goal maybe re-think how much you drink, if its consistently getting in your way it may be time to take a break. Be honest with yourself though, we lie about how much we drink!

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