I want to tone up!

Isn’t this what 90% of women say when we go to the gym and are asked what we want? I just want to tone up.

I did a poll last year which made it clear that toned is misunderstood.

Question 1 – Do you want to look toned? 56 women out of 60 said yes.

Question 2 – Do you want to build muscle? 20 women said yes out of 60.

What is toning? Toning is building muscle and losing some of the fat that covers that muscle so you can actually see it.
To tone you have to build muscle, if you don’t you just won’t have the tone.

How can you build muscle? You have to add some resistance training into your week. This can be body weight, lifting weights, using resistance bands, weight-based classes. Cardio is for fitness and heart health not building muscle, it will only get you so far.

Make an appointment with a personal training and they can show you and put a plan together for you.

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