Is building muscle good for your health?

I asked a question in a recent poll I did.
Do you associate building muscle with health? 40% of women answer no!

One of the reasons I am training to be a person trainer is to spread the word that resistance training is a game changer for health both physical and mental. I am very passionate about it. Resistance training equals building muscle if done correctly. I want to teach/show women how empowering it is and how it will change your body composition.

You have to know that building muscle equals a healthier body and healthier mind!

  1.  Improvements in balance, posture and coordination
  2. Strengthens your bones and tendons reducing risk of injury
  3. You will be thankful when you are older – you will be so much more functional with everyday activities
  4. You will feel and be strong AF, it’s very empowering lifting a heavy weight or doing your first pull up
  5. It improves insulin sensitive – if you have T2D you need to be resistance training
  6. Heart health – lowers your risk of heart attacks and strokes – it’s not only cardio.
  7. Obvious one – builds muscle
  8. Helps to build self confidence
  9. As we get older, we lose muscle, resistance training will help us keep hold of it
  10. You will burn more calories at rest as our muscles need more energy

Is that enough? There are way more.

Building muscle is a must! You should be including some form of it into your training week. Please message me if you need guidance.

I have a guest article up on my website, it written by Dave from MP Calisthenics. The benefits of strength training, he goes into more detail than I can on this post. A must read 🙂

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