Fear getting bulky?

It takes a very long time to build a lot of muscle.

Bikini models and body builders did not get there overnight, it took years of hard work and discipline.

In my survey, I asked this question.Do you fear you will get bulky from weight lifting? 80% said yes 🙁

If you are new to resistance training, you will get some newbie gains, I loved that part. Then it takes lots of progressions to build from there.
You can pick an area and build on that, for example shoulders, butt or abs. It still takes time.
Building muscle isn’t as simple as training though. You have to rest, eat to fuel and recover those muscles.

Women saying, they don’t want to get “bulky” comes from you looking at the people who are actually trying to bulk. The general population who just want to train a few times a week to stay fit and healthy are not going to “bulk” up.

If you do see a muscle getting bigger than you like then just stop training that specific muscle for a bit, simple.

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