Limiting beliefs


These are what hold us back form doing things. They are thoughts that we belief to be absolutely true.

I cant lose weight because of my genetics

I could never run 5km

I could never do what you do

I can’t start dating until I’ve lost all of my weight

I’m too fat for anyone to love me

They are not helpful. They stop us from believing in yourself, they ruin relationships and they stop you from getting your dream job.

We all do it in some form each day.

Here is how to challenge those thoughts.

Question it – what if you are wrong? Think about the opposite scenario. Could never run 5km, but what is you could?

Is this belief serving you??  We like to be the victim in our belief.  For example – I’m too old to start a new career?  Really?  Are you? Or is it your way of protecting yourself so you don’t fail?  It’s usually fear.

I urge you to questions all that is holding you back today!!

Are you Healthy?


It’s not just about Nutrition and exercise.
The message about health gets so lost in a sea of misinformation, it really makes me sad 🙁
Here is a little reminder that health is about so much more than what we eat and what our step count is.
Social – This is your lifestyle, your social life, being part of a community, sense of purpose would come under these facets
Physical – activity and movement, health goal, nutrition
Emotional – spiritual health, your thoughts, feelings and behaviors
Economical – what resources you have, for example your financial situation
Intellectual – Your education
Psychological – your mental health
This is what the healthiest people in the world are doing

  • High physical activity
  • Sense of community and purpose – friends/family
  • Good sleep
  • Low stress and good mental health
  • Balance approach to nutrition
  • Very little alcohol or moderate
  • Good amount of sun exposure – vitamin D – I notice they are all coastal locations

If you can’t focus on your nutrition or activity, look at the other facets that are contributing to your health and give them some focus. Also visa versa, if you nutrition and activity is affecting any of the other facets of health then it might be time to think about that too.
Remember health is not just sticking to a calorie goal!

Tips that changed my health for life

My health journey has been a long one and it’s still going.  We never know everything; new research emerges all the time. 

In my 20’s I was all weight watcher’s meals, 60 minutes of cardio a day and I was super skinny a couple of times, I was also overweight a few times too.   When I was 30, I was pregnant, I lived off egg sandwiches and Maltesers, I gained heaps of weight.  After that I took up running and back on the low calories.  Now I put my efforts into health over aesthetics, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t care how I look, of course I do and that is ok!    It’s been a real journey, but I wanted to share with you 5 things that changes my health forever. 

1. The mornings 

I used to be a night owl.  Years of working in hospitality, partying, sleeping in until 2pm because my shift didn’t start until 3pm.  Then when I did get a 9-5 I would stay up until 2am binge watching the 24 box set then roll into work with 3 hours sleep under my belt.  That all changed when I had Hanna, now 10. 

You literally have no choice to become a morning person.  I slowly, over time, started to get into bed earlier as I knew my mornings would be early.  Before I realised, I was crawling in bed at 10pm and getting up at 6am.  My daughter still loves an early morning but so do I, I have come to love the mornings. 

I now get up at 5.30am by choice.  I know I have 1 hour before anyone else is getting up.  I get up and do my 15 minutes of yoga.  It feels so amazing to do those stretches in the morning.  Then I will make a coffee, sit down at my desk and potter on my computer, reading posts, writing posts, catching up, whatever really, nothing to pressured.  After my coffee I will go for a run or walk the dog.  Then breakfast when I return. 

I genuinely look forward to this each day. 

Why – Its mine.  I am doing what I want, for me.  If I got up that hour later I wouldn’t have had that time. 

I am not saying this needs to ne your routine.  I am saying that you need a routine.  One that you enjoy, one that works with your lifestyle.   

2. Stop comparing 

One of my favourite quotes is comparison is the thief of joy.  Comparing can be dangerous for our mental health.   

Let’s talk physical – If I opened my Instagram and there wasn’t a 6-pack looking at me then I would question if it was my feed.  I followed all of the influencers.  I now follow none of them. 

I only follow real people who I can learn from and who can inspire me.  I know now that my body is my body, I will never have Beyonce curves because I am just not genetical built like that.  My thighs will always wobble because that seems to be where I store my fat. Once I stopped trying to be someone else I felt more positive about my body. 

My current comparing challenge is with people who do what I do but I think they are doing it better, others in the nutrition world.   I have started to change the way I think about it though and again I try not to follow to may influencers.  I am trying to remember that people will want to work with me because of me not because my reels are perfection (lol which they are not) or my grid is colour coordinated.  

Stopping comparing is hard and is a work in progress but once you do you will find that you are kinder, more positive and also mentally lighter.  

3. Planning 

I’ve always been a bit of a planner.  I love a list.  I have spreadsheets, then lists in my phone, then I love to write down and list and physically tick things off.  Such satisfaction. 

If you don’t plan then its hard to stay on track, FACT! 

I plan my food and meals
I plan my workouts and walks
I plan my social time
I plan my work
I plan my future
I plan my finances
I plan my goals  

If I don’t it all goes to shit.  That is me though.  It doesn’t work for everyone but if I was going to say plan one thing, I would say your meals for the week.  Game changer.  Plan things you actually like though or it won’t happen.  Buy the ingredients.   

4. Stop aiming for perfection 

I follow a PT called Emma Storey Gordon and she says what I think all the time.  She said this last year and it has resonated with me in such a way that it is part of my programme. 

Imperfect action 

This means not aiming for total perfection all the time.  It means that any action is better than no action. 

An example is you aim to do 5 workouts one week but you only do 2 and seeing that as a fail.  However, 2 workouts can still have a huge impact on your body composition. 

Another example – trying to eat clean.  Then you accidentally shove some chips in your mouth and then you think fuck it and it all goes to shit for the week until the next Monday

I changed this perfection attitude; it was super hard and its still ingrained in me a little.  This is what I think.  If I make a decision that goes against my goals, I will then make sure the next decision is the right one.  Imperfect action.   

5. Being a bitch to myself  

I hate it when people say love yourself.  Oh ok, sure, that’s easy! Said none ever.  It would be friggin awesome to love yourself though, right?  I certainly don’t love myself but I’m pretty pleased with myself.  I am starting to like what I see in the mirror more and more. 

Why?  Weightlifting. 

I’m not saying that’s what anyone else needs but this is what helped me be nicer to myself. 

Now when I work out, for example shoulders, my favourite part to train. I’m like shit girl look at those gains.  Same with quads when I do the leg extension.  Weight training makes me feel strong AF and in turn it helps with mindset.  Helps you feel more positive about what your body can do.   

When I look in the mirror, I don’t hate what I see anymore and it’s so nice. 

My point – saying nicer things to myself has helped my confidence in a big way.  It helps.  


So that’s it. My top 5 tips that I hope can help you too 😊

Have you been on a diet your whole life?

I bet 90% of females are nodding their heads right now. 

I know I had up until a few years ago, then I studied Nutrition and really understood how it actually works. 

Don’t get me wrong, I will always need to work on my relationship with food and it’s not easy all the time.  You see I tend to overindulge; I have definitely had binging issues in the past, I don’t have one of those fast metabolisms and if it was just down to genetics, I would be overweight.  I still dip in and out of weight loss phases too.  However, the difference is now that I feel in control of it.  I’m not on that hamster wheel of massive restriction on the weekends only to fall in the fuck it bucket each weekend.  This is a huge achievement for me and it can be for anyone. 

How did I get there?   

I learnt about energy balance.  We all have heard that calories in calories out is how we lose weight.  Yes, a negative energy balance is the principle to weight loss.  We then have to find a method to create that energy balance.  That method with be your diet. 

Did you know that the fat we hold on our body is actually excess energy AKA excess calories?  When I learnt that it blew my mind.  So, it makes sense that if we eat less calories (energy) than we burn that we will lose that energy AKA fat. 

Another fact for you – did you know that when we lose fat, we breath it out!! WTF, again blew my mind. Most of it is breathed out as carbon dioxide.  

Anyway, I went off subject.  

It wasn’t as easy as just learning about energy balance, there is a lot more to it.  However, learning about yourenergy balance is a bloody good start. 

I stress the YOUR part. 

Yours is different to Sally in IG who says she eats 3000 calories a day and has shredded abs
Yours is different to Claire from marketing who is a marathon runner
Yours is different to your husbands 

Yours is yours. 


So many reasons.   

How active you are?
How much your currently weigh and how tall are you?
Do you work out?
Your dieting history
Any hormonal or medical issues 

The list is long. 


Once you establish your number.  You need to work out your method AKA diet. 

Also – individual to you! 

Jo at work may have lost 40kg intermittent fasting but you can’t go more than 3 hours without food so that’s not going to work for you.  It will fail and then you will feel crap and the cycle starts again. 

You need help and guidance with this. 

Something else we need to be aware of that pops up now and again and ruins everything. LIFE! 

I mentioned earlier that I dip in and out of fat loss phases.  Our lives are not linear; they don’t run swimmingly all the time.  Lockdowns, surgery, job changes, house moves, relationship breakdowns, work stress.  They can derail our plans for our health goals very easily. 

This is the great thing about the knowledge of your energy balance.  You can make changes according to what is happening in your life.  The goal should always be maintenance but sometimes you go into a surplus and gain a little fat.  If you don’t want that fat gain, we can then pop into a fat loss phase.  

Health is not easy as it requires effort but if you do the things that you actually like it becomes easier and less effort.  You start to genuinely enjoy the process of being a healthier person. 

Having a consultation with a Nutritionist will identify what will work for you.  What YOUR method is.  They will encourage you to do the things you enjoy to the process is not a slog and that includes eating foods you love. 

If it is something you have been thinking about, I encourage you to take that plunge, you won’t ever regret investing in your health.

Is health just a numbers game?

I was never great a math’s.  In fact, I got an E in my GCSE and had to return to college to retake it and scrapped a pass the 2nd time.  It doesn’t come easily to me. 

I now find myself in a job where percentages are a daily and my Nutrition job is all about equations and numbers.  How did this happen to me!! 

It got me thinking about all the numbers that are involved in daily health. 

How many calories you eat
How you split your macros into grams per day
How many steps you do a day
How many hours sleep to you get
How many litres of water you drink
How many plants are you eating 

It’s all just numbers.  

Funnily enough I’ve come to love these little targets we give ourselves and I think they are important markers to work towards to achieve your health goals.    

Let’s break some of these down. 


Calories – love them or hate them they are important to understand.  All or the food and drink we consume are made up of these calories.  Your number is individual to you and your goal.  That’s why I hate meal plans.  Meal plans are set calories and don’t take into consideration the individual needs.  Calories are energy.  If weight loss is a goal, we need to eat less energy than we burn.  If you are aiming to stay the same weight you need to learn your maintenance calories.  If we eat too much energy than we burn, we then gain weight.  It’s as simple as that but not that simple.  There is so much nuance.  

Steps – Why do we need a step goal?  I think a step goal is powerful tool and one that is totally in our control.  I love things we can control.  Steps equals movement and movement equals a healthier you.  Again, your step goal is individual to you.  If you are a nurse, then your step count is going to be higher than an office desk job worker.  That’s why having a goal is great.  I could happily sit at my computer all day, look at my watch and see that I only did 1000 steps all day.   Seeing that will then encourage me to go for a walk until I hit my goal, encouraging me to move. 

Having a step goal is great for weight management/loss but also heart health.  Studies show that the sweet step count for health is 8,000 a day.  

Sleep – we all know we need 8 hours, right?  Well yes but no (as usual it’s not that simple).  The eyeroll of the new parents who hear they need to get 8 hours sleep. The general sweet spot for sleep is 7-9 hours.  I personally feel great from 7.  My body just naturally starts to wake up then.  Sleep is not always in our control, but we can control other factors.   As humans we actual thrive from routine.  Having a sleep routine is important for our body clocks.  Going to bed and getting up at the same time each day will create that routine, even if that sleep if broken with night feeds or whatever.  No phones in bed.  Read if you can’t sleep.  Dim the lights, create a nice environment that you actually want to be in. 

New mums – I promise it won’t be forever
Shift workers – you can only do your best to (too much to say therefore another post) 

Lack of sleep leads to an increase in the hunger hormone Ghrelin.  That’s why you crave food more when you are tired.  If we don’t get enough sleep, it is said, we can consume up to 500 calories more per day could lead to weigh gain. 

Alcohol – the government guidelines say we should be drinking no more than 5 150mls glasses of wine a week.  That’s 1 bottle. 1 bottle of wine a week!!!!  It’s not a lot is it? 

We all know alcohol is bad for us.   It’s a carcinogenic and leads to increased risk in many cancers, specifically breast cancers for us women.  Yet knowing this we still happily guzzle it down claiming it relaxes us.  It’sactually doing us no favours, it effects our sleep hence why you feel so tired the day after drinking even though you think you slept well.  It leads to other behaviors such as overeating and poor decision making therefore weigh gain. 

I am not the alcohol police; I definitely drink more than 1 bottle of wine some weeks but I think it’s important to know the harsh truths as we only see the shiny advertisements of alcohol.  Most of us are not informed enough about the negative effects it on our physical and mental health. 

The best bet – avoid binge drinking too much.  This is classed as 4 standard drinks in 1 sitting.  Try to have 4 days a week without alcohol. 

Plants – Eat your plants!  Aiming for 5 plus a day is ideal.  Aim for different colours.  Doing this will help you get the vitamins and minerals you need to help your body to its thing and make you feel better.  Include at least 2 fruits, green veg for iron, your beans, pulses and legume for extra fibre. 


There we have it.   

Achieving optimal health is a numbers game but all of our numbers are not the same.  This is the tip of the iceberg, there is so much more but I didn’t want to bore you to death. 

Following generic numbers will only get you so far as they are a guide but are they right for you as an individual? 

Seeing a Nutritionist to discuss your goals really is the way to go.

Day 2 – caffeine

Let’s make 1 thing clear. Coffee is the best.
I see people quit drinking coffee all the time and it makes me sad that they are suckking that little joy from there lives. Caffeine is not bad for us. In fact, there are studies to say it’s good for us for various reasons.

I have to say the word that no-one like. – MODERATION!

Get up and enjoy your morning coffee and even a 2nd. However, no caffeine after 12pm.

This includes energy drinks, tea (not herbal) but even green tea has caffeine and sodas.
Here are my reasons

  • Caffeine stays in your system for 12 hours and has a half-life of 6 hours – ever had a 4-5pmcoffee then struggled to sleep?
  • Too much can cause anxiety – after coffee jitters anyone.
  • It can actually make you feel more tired – if you are having it to get through the afternoon slump, I promise you its only helping very short term.

Have a big glass of water instead as chances are you are dehydrated and that’s why you feel tired. Or make a fruity tea.

This is an easy one today!

Tag me in you alternate choice of drink this afternoon🙂

Let the challenge begin!

So here it is! We can smash this right??

If you are on my mailer list, I will have emailed you a copy of this to print out. (to join mailer list post to my link tree in bio or DM me) Or you can take a picture of this and edit it on your phone. It keep you accountable.

I would love for you to share in your stories when completing a task or do the take, cooking a meal, anything just tag me so I can share too.

Day 1 – go for a 30-minute + walk. Rain or shine! If it is a nice day though, get out at midday for some vitamin D. I promise you will good after this. (unless you have a dog like mine and he just stresses you out)!!

4 week challenge.

Lockdown home run challenge!

I know I have a mix of different countries on this blog but here in Sydney we have been in lockdown for 9 weeks and there is little like at the end of the tunnel.

Groundhog day has set in and most people are losing the will.

Wouldn’t it be great so come out of the next weeks feeling better?

I have put a small challenge together. You don’t have to be in lockdown to take part.

This is not a diet.

It’s about making small healthy changes/choices.  If those choices help you lose weight, then great 🙂

The point of this is to do the task each day, you can take that task into the next day if you enjoyed it or felt better from it.  Some days may be a challenge for you, some days you may already tick that box.  If you do find a day where you are already doing it do the day before’s task again.

I AM doing it mainly through my Instagram but if you would like to take part pop me an email to join the mail list and you will receive the calendar tomorrow.

My email is
Also follow my IG –

Is fat loss really your goal or society’s goal for you?

Think about it.

Are you actually a really healthy weight but some influencer is rocking some abs and you think that’s how you should look?

Are you always on the diet hamster wheel, chasing to lose that last 3kg because you think it’s your happy weight?  Once you get there it will bring you all the happiness. 

If you actually really think about it, do you want to lose that weight so people can approve of your body?  So your body is more socially acceptable?

I’m not going to lie, I have, I do, and I didn’t realise it until I stopped and thought about it.  I have been thinking about my WHY!  

My thoughts lately
Why do I want to lose that last 2kg?  
f I lose that 2kg it will make me happy. 
I felt great the last time I was X weight.
No, you won’t Emma you dick it’s just a number on the scales, I probably won’t look any different.  I feel great now.
No-one else will even notice!
I can’t be a PT or Nutritionist and not be in shape, can I?
I need to be in shape, so people take me seriously. 

All nonsense, but still, this is my nonsense in my head.   I have been struggling to lose that 2kg because my WHY actually isn’t important to me anymore.  My goals have changed, and I didn’t adjust my nutrition to align with my now goals.

Have you been forever dieting and struggling to lose that weight, so much that you just diet on and off on autopilot?

Your WHY possibly could have changed and that WHY no longer motivate you.   Have a think.

Stop lying!

Mostly to ourselves.

I’ve been so good on my diet, but I just can’t lose weight. (Have you though)?

I don’t even drink that much alcohol. (Really)???

I didn’t have time to do my steps or workout. (Or did you not make time)?

Work was too busy; I couldn’t move away from my desk. (again, a choice you made)

It’s too much effort to make healthy food! (Is it though or are you over complicating it)?

Sound familiar?

Here’s my tough love that I often give to myself. Get your shit together, take responsibility for your decisions and adult yourself!

Most of all, stop lying to yourself.

I love it when my clients say things like
I didn’t hit my step goal because I literally couldn’t be arsed.

COVID is making me drink more coz I’m bored.

I’ve been very inconsistent on my diet because I had 2 birthday parties this week and ate loads of cake.

Now this I can help with. If you are lying to yourself or even your Nutritionist, then you cannot help yourself and the Nutritionist you are paying cannot help you either.

Honesty is best, you can work with that 🙂