How to eat a balanced diet.

Hate tracking calories but want to lose weight?

Do you want to make sure its balanced diet, a nutritious diet?

The plate method is your answer!

I love the plate method for my clients where optimal health is the goal. Also if weight maintenance is the goal.

If you do it right you will be making sure you are getting balance macros to fuel your body and also hitting those vitamin and mineral goals. This is great for overall health. 3 plates and 2 snacks a day should keep you fueled and at weight maintenance.

If weight loss is the goal it can be a little trickier to get right. We need to create a calorie deficit to lose fat. Aiming to eat 3 plates of food a day based on the plate method would do that. However, that might not be enough for you, you could be super active. That’s where adding snacks comes in.

The plate method is something I would recommend you do with a nutrition coach to make sure you are getting it right for you as an individual. We all have different need.

The plate method should be the ultimate goal of eating for the rest of your life 🙂


Do you have a food routine?

If you don’t then you should think seriously about getting one.

Its individual to you. It’s not the same as your best friends, or Cheryl in the office who lost 10 stone intermittent fasting. You can’t copy anyone else.

I push it will all my client.

What is a food routine? It’s just a schedule. Times when you eat. It doesn’t have to be exact and can be ballpark.

Why? You know where you stand. It becomes habit and comfortable. It can help avoid you skipping meals then overeating. It’s clear.

This is mine.

6am – Coffee
9.30am – Breakfast
1-2pm – Lunch
4pm ish – snack or hot drink
6pm – Dinner

This works for me; my lifestyle and I like it. It won’t work for someone who like breakfast as soon as they get up, or a shift worker, or if you eat dinner late.

Experience working a Nutritionist so far has shown that those who have routine and structure are much more likely to be successful with their weight loss goal.

Are fat and weight the same?

They are different yet we are so obsessed with that scale number.  It consumes us, it decides what mood we are in that day.  It becomes an obsession.


I urge you to conduct an experience.  Weigh yourself every day for 2-4 weeks, write down that weight and see the fluctuations.  See if any of the reason below could be the reason.  See mine on the next slide.  It might help you get over your obsession and realise that it actually isn’t that important.  If you are trying to lose fat then maybe doing a monthly weigh in will be better for your mental health and if you are being constant with your plan you will see more results. 


Reasons to see the scales go up and down temporality 

You ate more fibre the day before
You ate more carbs the day before
You lifting heavy the day before
You ate a higher volume of food the day before
You didn’t poop yet
You had a crap night sleep
You are due on your period
You are hydrated
You drank alcohol the day before so you are dehydrated

You weighed yourself at a different time of day
You weighed yourself on different scales or not on a flat surface


We lose sight of what we are trying achieve and that is to lose fat not weight.  Ever seen those picture when someone totally transforms there body and they still weigh the same.  That’s because they gained muscle and lost the fat, that’s that “toned” look we are all going for.


Please HEAR THIS! Exercising does not put weight on you! You may get a temporary inflammation response if you are new to it.  Eating in a calorie surplus will be making you gain fat, stop blaming exercise and using it as an excuse not to do it. 


You will see my fluctuations, each one has an explanation from the list above.

Counting calories!

We talk about calories a lot, but what if you don’t want to count calories?

Its certainly not for everyone so here are some ideas to create a calorie deficit without counting.

Stop the snacking. Now I am a snacker, that’s ok if they are planned snacks However we tend to mindless snack. A handful of nuts here, some crisps there, a piece of toast whilst making dinner, that spoonful of peanut butter. They add up to 100’s of calories.


Skip breakfast
AKA intermittent fasting.  This is only achievable if you are genuinely not hungry in the mornings.  If you find yourself to be starving then overeating at lunch then this is not for you.  Skipping this meal can save you 400-500 calories a day, there is your deficit


Up the NEAT
I know I bang on about this but for good reason. Steps! Not just steps though just any movement. Doing 10,000 steps a day can help you burn around 500 calories a day (this totally depend on your weight). Whatever you are currently doing, if you can do more than do 😊


The plate method
This should get its own post. Its essentially filling half your plate with veg and salad, ¼ of your plate with a protein source and a ¼ with your carb of choice then add a healthy fat source if you don’t already have one included (for example Salmon would be a protein and a fat source) This is a very balanced plate and you should be filling satiated/full from this. Aim to do this 3 times a day and you are onto a winner and ticking all those nutrition boxes.

All coaches should be giving you a step goal if fat loss is what you are trying to achieve.

I have had a good few clients who hate the step goal, I want to explain why it is necessary.
It does not have to be 10,000 steps every day. Every client will be different. It does however have to be challenging and we also have to think about your health as well as well as your weight loss goal.

Why is a step goal needed? When we create an energy deficit (aka calorie deficit and what you need to achieve to lose weight) our body would like to try and hold onto that energy (you know coz it’s not hard enough to lose weight). This will be by making you want to move less. You may not even notice it. It could be very slight. However, that change in energy output could slow your weight loss down or even bring you to out of your deficit. If you have a step goal, then you will make that effort to continue to hit that energy output and you will avoid this completely.
Your daily steps and genral movement throughout the day is where you burn the most energy over the day.

In regard to health – being sedentary is one of the worst things you can do for your health. It has been shown in studies that hitting those 8,000 steps a day as a minimum has health benefits.

How do you set you step target? It totally depends on your goal. If for health, then I would be building up to the 8,000 mark at least. If for fat loss, impossible to say as it depends on so many factors such as weight, height, how much weight you want to lose, do you have a timeframe, your current lifestyle and what is realistic for adherence.

Having a coach to help you, support you and actually work with YOU would be helpful.
I have some available appointments for August and September. Pop me a message for more details 🙂

Eat your veggies

Veggies. Why don’t we eat enough veggies?

This reel isn’t specifically about kids not eating veg, she is just the only actor I had on hand. It about all of us not eating our veg. Most of my clients will say they don’t have time; they don’t know how. The thing is, we over complicate it and it’s so easy.

We don’t need to overhaul our whole diet, just add in the veg.

Here’s some tips.

Frozen veg
– buy lots of it, different colour’s and pop it in the freezer. Throw it in everything. You can add extra veg in curries, pie’s, pasta dishes etc.Tinned veg – so convenient. Again, add them to anything, peas and carrots are great for this!Get an air fryer – Throw in any veg with some herbs or spices, 10 minutes and you have roasted vegMake it fun – try a new veg every weekChuck it in a smoothie – google has 1000’s of recipes
My personal favorite at the moment – taco mix. It makes roasted veg taste great!

Look at your day of food today and see where you can add in veg.

Fear of processed foods!

Are you scared of processed food??

I once did this diet (I won’t name and shame as it’s a celebrity diet and it was 100 years ago). It was very strict. It was a meal plan, where they tell you exactly what to eat. I used to love ham. My friend was making me lunch one day and she said we are having ham, I said Oh no thanks, I can’t have ham on this diet. She laughed and said what kind of diet doesn’t allow one piece of ham.
I got all defensive as to me this diet was superior and working but I think I was mainly defensive because she was right, how ridiculous! I cant even have 1 piece of ham!

What is processed food? It is literally any food that has gone through a process. Milk, cheese, bread, anything canned including beans and pulses which are healthy right?

What is ultra-processed? Foods that have added ingredients such as fats, starches, added sugars, and hydrogenated fats. They may also contain additives like artificial colors and flavors or stabilizers. Things like shop bought ice cream, cakes, sausages, chicken nuggets.

We have to drop this fear that eating processed food will kill us. Processed foods are fine. Try to limit the ultra-processed foods to now and again.
Even if you are on a weight loss diet eating any type of processed food will not break that diet. You don’t just eat a piece of bread and gain weight; it doesn’t work like that. It’s practically impossible in to eat a so-called clean diet. If you are , are you happy? Are you socializing with your friend and family?

PS – wine also goes through a process to be wine. Eating “clean” all week then necking a bottle of wine, even if its organic does not mean you are a clean eater!

My new fave quote!

I didn’t make this up, but I love this, I had to share.

This is related to weight/fat loss.
I see so many people focusing on exercising to lose weight and doing naff all about their nutrition.

Yes exercise helps to burn some extra energy, but we should be exercising for its health benefits! A healthy heart, muscle and bone health just to name a few.

They should be working hand in hand, and I think this quote sums it up perfectly!

I have some appointments free in August, send me a message if you would like to know more about how I can help you!

Metabolism myths

Following on from my post yesterday.

I think its important to tell you about some well know myths in regards to things that boost your metabolic rate that we have all be saying to ourselves for years.

Myth – you must eat smaller meals and often
Truth – it doesn’t matter when you eat you meals

Myth – You must eat breakfast to kick start your metabolism
Truth – Nope, there is no evidence to support this

Myth – Eating after 8pm slows your metabolism.

Truth: Your metabolism has no idea if its 8pm or 8.05pm, it’s the calories over the day that matters, not the time.

Why? The thermic effect of food. This means that your body burns calories breaking your food down. So if you eat 2000 in 5 meals or in 1 meal it will still use the same amount of energy breaking it down. It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is.

Your metabolic rate

First of all, do you actually know what your metabolism is?  I feel like it’s something we say a lot but without actually understanding what the hell we are taking about.  

A common one is I eat breakfast because it speeds up my metabolism.  
What is Metabolism?Metabolism refers to all the chemical processes in your body.  From lungs breathing, heart pumping, brain ticking, body temperature, food digestion and processing.  All of which needs energy (calories)

The speed of your metabolism is commonly known as metabolic rate.

Here are 3 tips to increase that rate (and its’ not to eat breakfast)

  1.  Lift weights – increase your lean muscle mass, the more muscle you the more calories you burn.  This is why you may see your metabolic rate slow down as you age, because you are also losing muscle as you age. 
  2. Eat more protein – it has a higher thermic effect (burns more calories just processing it through the body) than carbs or fat, by a lot!
  3. Drink water – water-induced thermogenesis, cold water may help slightly more as the body has to heat up the water.  Another reason to drink more!

You are welcome 🙂