We need to think about our actions!

Goal – Fat loss What are you doing consistently to help you get there? Binge drinking – does this align with your goal?Takeaway for the 2nd time that week – does this align with your goal?Skipping the planned gym session 2 days in a row – does this align with your goal These are examplesContinue reading “We need to think about our actions!”

Do you need some help with your Nutrition?

I have 3 121 slots available for May. I some some clients finishing 12 week programmes in the next week or so, I am keen to take on some new clients! Who is this for? It’s a 12 week Nutrition and lifestyle programme that is designed around your goal Goal examples – fat loss, weightContinue reading “Do you need some help with your Nutrition?”

Is it only about calories?

As always in nutrition nothing is straight forward. However, yes this is the principle of fat loss. If you want to lose weight this is what you need to do. However, there are lots of other things that indirectly can affect this principle. Therefore, other factors that matter! This post will be too long toContinue reading “Is it only about calories?”

Who selfish?

Let me explain. Once upon time I was mum of a little girl and all I did was make sure she ate right, slept enough, had nice clothes and was happy. This is called being a mum, right? So wrong. I forgot to do all those things for myself. Fast forward some years and IContinue reading “Who selfish?”

To eat it or not!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Do you skip breaky because you are just not hungry, but you force yourself to eat because you heard you are supposed too as its healthy? The truth is – there are health benefits if you eat breakfast and also if you skip breakfast. It dependsContinue reading “To eat it or not!”