Tips that changed my health for life

My health journey has been a long one and it’s still going.  We never know everything; new research emerges all the time.  In my 20’s I was all weight watcher’s meals, 60 minutes of cardio a day and I was super skinny a couple of times, I was also overweight a few times too.   When I wasContinue reading “Tips that changed my health for life”

Have you been on a diet your whole life?

I bet 90% of females are nodding their heads right now.  I know I had up until a few years ago, then I studied Nutrition and really understood how it actually works.  Don’t get me wrong, I will always need to work on my relationship with food and it’s not easy all the time.  You seeContinue reading “Have you been on a diet your whole life?”

Is fat loss really your goal or society’s goal for you?

Think about it. Are you actually a really healthy weight but some influencer is rocking some abs and you think that’s how you should look? Are you always on the diet hamster wheel, chasing to lose that last 3kg because you think it’s your happy weight?  Once you get there it will bring you allContinue reading “Is fat loss really your goal or society’s goal for you?”