Is it only about calories?

As always in nutrition nothing is straight forward. However, yes this is the principle of fat loss. If you want to lose weight this is what you need to do. However, there are lots of other things that indirectly can affect this principle. Therefore, other factors that matter! This post will be too long toContinue reading “Is it only about calories?”

Who selfish?

Let me explain. Once upon time I was mum of a little girl and all I did was make sure she ate right, slept enough, had nice clothes and was happy. This is called being a mum, right? So wrong. I forgot to do all those things for myself. Fast forward some years and IContinue reading “Who selfish?”

To eat it or not!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Do you skip breaky because you are just not hungry, but you force yourself to eat because you heard you are supposed too as its healthy? The truth is – there are health benefits if you eat breakfast and also if you skip breakfast. It dependsContinue reading “To eat it or not!”

Festive Season Fear??

Part 1 (there is so  much to say for 1 post) Do you fear the festive season?  All the food and the booze! Will it ruin all you hard work?Will you gain all the weight back that you lost?What will happen if you over eat?What if you can’t control yourself? Please know that you areContinue reading “Festive Season Fear??”

Hydration and Performance

Isn’t that cool to know!  I’m geeking out on all this! That 2% isn’t even enough to be thirsty so you wouldn’t even know that you are dehydrated. Fluid intake whilst working out should equal your sweat rate.  You can work this out but would only really apply to those doing exercise for 90 minutesContinue reading “Hydration and Performance”

Hydration and weight loss!

Daily Tip one. Doing this will mean there are no excuses not to drink.  This is one habit you need to get into.  We do it for our kids so why not ourselves!  2nd slide is related to hydration at weight loss.  They are directly linked however being hydrated makes us feel better therefore leading toContinue reading “Hydration and weight loss!”

We know the reasons we should cardio Better heart health, mood, energy, sleep, healthier skin etc the list goes on. I want to talk about the most underrated exercise, WALKING! Cardio is any exercise that brings up your heart rate.  You don’t have to go do a spin class and run for miles to getContinue reading

Screens and sleep!

Screen time and sleep. I’m not gong to sit her and say no screens 3 hours before bed blah blah blah I mean – if we are not watching Netflix then what are we supposed to do ha-ha. Reason – its claimed that the light stops us from releasing melatonin therefore stopping us from fallingContinue reading “Screens and sleep!”

Caffeine and sleep!

I don’t want to talk shit about caffeine, I’m a huge fan! BUT there are things we needs to know when it comes to sleep. Ever struggled to get to sleep and you can’t understand why?  It could be that energy drink your drank at 5pm! Coffee (especially espresso) is the highest in caffeine.  A simpleContinue reading “Caffeine and sleep!”