Is it only about calories?

As always in nutrition nothing is straight forward. However, yes this is the principle of fat loss. If you want to lose weight this is what you need to do. However, there are lots of other things that indirectly can affect this principle. Therefore, other factors that matter! This post will be too long toContinue reading “Is it only about calories?”

We know the reasons we should cardio Better heart health, mood, energy, sleep, healthier skin etc the list goes on. I want to talk about the most underrated exercise, WALKING! Cardio is any exercise that brings up your heart rate.  You don’t have to go do a spin class and run for miles to getContinue reading

Day 1 – Sleep Hygiene

Set the scene!  Sort out your bedroom! This is super important for a good night’s sleep.  We spend 1/3 of our lives there so it should be a nice environment right? Here are some things to consider, make some changes if you think will help you 😊 Do you have a mattress that is suitedContinue reading “Day 1 – Sleep Hygiene”

1st challenge – SLEEP!

We start tomorrow! I am starting with sleep because if we master this one thing it can help everything so much. I know that we cant always get the sleep we need, because of kids, sleeping problems, pets or shift work.  I am not saying it needs to be perfect.  However, we can do ourContinue reading “1st challenge – SLEEP!”

The Tracker

If you are hoping to take part you could save this to your phone or email me for a PDF version you can print off ( These are my social media posts but I will run it on here too. I hope it makes sense, I want it to be easy, something that we canContinue reading “The Tracker”

The Basics Are Not Sexy!

There is a movement at the moment on social media, if you follow the right people then you will know that changing your mindset to know that health and fat loss comes down to some very simple basics. If you follow the wrong people, you will continue to believe all the bull shit.  Cull allContinue reading “The Basics Are Not Sexy!”

The best life insurance policy you can give yourself is sleep

I’m not sure where to start, I didn’t want to write a post that we have seen a million times, we all know we supposed to get enough sleep but do we understand why? I am no sleep expert however I have read, watched and listened to nearly everything by Matthew Walker, the world leadingContinue reading “The best life insurance policy you can give yourself is sleep”

This is me!

For those who don’t know I started this blog over 6 months ago.  It was an anonymous blog which I started at the start of a 3 months alcohol free journey.  I became part of a community of others going through the same things as me and I believe because of the blog it madeContinue reading “This is me!”