Screens and sleep!

Screen time and sleep. I’m not gong to sit her and say no screens 3 hours before bed blah blah blah I mean – if we are not watching Netflix then what are we supposed to do ha-ha. Reason – its claimed that the light stops us from releasing melatonin therefore stopping us from fallingContinue reading “Screens and sleep!”

Day 1 – Sleep Hygiene

Set the scene!  Sort out your bedroom! This is super important for a good night’s sleep.  We spend 1/3 of our lives there so it should be a nice environment right? Here are some things to consider, make some changes if you think will help you 😊 Do you have a mattress that is suitedContinue reading “Day 1 – Sleep Hygiene”

1st challenge – SLEEP!

We start tomorrow! I am starting with sleep because if we master this one thing it can help everything so much. I know that we cant always get the sleep we need, because of kids, sleeping problems, pets or shift work.  I am not saying it needs to be perfect.  However, we can do ourContinue reading “1st challenge – SLEEP!”

The Tracker

If you are hoping to take part you could save this to your phone or email me for a PDF version you can print off ( These are my social media posts but I will run it on here too. I hope it makes sense, I want it to be easy, something that we canContinue reading “The Tracker”

My Healthy Habits Challenge

Hello!! I’ve been MIA on here lately! I’ve been very focused on starting and growing my Nutrition business, Whole health with Emma. Its going great and I am really loving helping people on a 121 basis. I am really keen to make a bigger impact in making healthy feel easier. So, via my Instagram andContinue reading “My Healthy Habits Challenge”